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May 9, 2000

	Welcome to the St. Felix Golf and Country Club.  We are pleased to 
offer you a quality nine hole golf product for the 2000 season. Conditions are 
good considering the time of the season and the weather we have had.  We have 
been playing Hole 2 with a temporary green, and Hole 3 with temporary tees due to 
wet conditions, but that should soon change as the weather improves.  In 
particular, our greens have remained in fantastic shape, largely due to the hard 
work of our excellent staff.  To keep them in such fine condition, we ask that 
hard steel spiked shoes not be worn on the course.  Also, please remember to 
repair all divot marks left on the greens, and to replace them in the fairways 
and on the tees.  If you, the golfer, can do your part to keep our course in 
good shape, then we will be here for years to come to offer our services to you. 

	We think you will find that, when all is said and done, we offer a 
golf product that is the equivalent or better to any nine hole course on 
Prince Edward Island.  We hope you will enjoy your golfing experience at 
our course, and we thank you for your support and patronage.

The Management and Staff of the St. Felix Golf and Country Club